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Basic Moves

Basic Moves are moves that are in play for all characters all the time. When their conditions are triggered, follow their instructions.


When you carry gear and Stress that exceeds 12 Weight, you become encumbered. While encumbered, you receive a -1 dice penalty to all rolls and cannot push yourself, assist others, or use any move that could make you gain Stress.


An item is 1 Weight if you can hold it with one hand. If it requires a full arm to carry, it’s 2 Weight (and if it requires both full arms, it’s 4 Weight). If it can be held inside a closed fist, then it's 0 Weight.


Stress is an abstract measure of your physical and mental exhaustion. It is something you carry, with a weight all of its own. Each Stress is 1 Weight.


When you reach 0 HP, you fall unconscious.


When you successfully hurt something or are hurt by something, subtract the listed HP from yourself or the target, as relevant:

  • Minor damage: 1 (bumps, cuts, bruises)
  • Standard damage: 1d6 (an attack with a weapon)
  • Serious damage: 2d6 (incapacitation or maiming)
  • Deadly damage: 3d6 (death)
  • Catastrophic damage: 4d6 (capable of destroying a house)

Worn armor reduces physical damage taken by HP equal to its weight. If armor reduces the damage taken to zero it should become dented, cracked, damaged, or destroyed.


When your HP goes below 0, Roll FATE.

  • On a success: You fall unconscious.
  • On a twist: The GM presents an opportunity to survive, but at a cost.
  • On a failure: You die.

Expedition Moves

Undertake a Perilous Journey

When you lead your party through the wilds with a destination in mind, name what you’re looking for (adventure, treasure, the hidden Grove of the Elder Bloodtree, the Bone Zone) and ask the GM how much Progress you’ll need. Then, roll NONE plus 1d for each of the following:

  • If you have a map of your route.
  • If you have folklore and hearsay to guide you.
  • If you’ve been there before.
  • If everyone is mounted.
  • On a failure, a Danger comes upon you unawares
  • On a twist:, Choose 1:
    • Make a Discovery, but no Progress. Ask the GM what you find.
    • Make 1 Progress, but only if you overcome a Danger first.
  • On a success: you make 1 Progress, the GM will tell you what that looks like.
  • On a crit: you make 2 Progress, the GM will tell you what that looks like.

Make Camp

When you settle in to rest out in the wilderness, choose a camp leader and have them roll NONE plus 1d for each of the following:

  • If everyone consumes a ration.
  • If you’ve got plenty of time and energy left in the day (i.e. it is not yet dark).
  • On a success: each player chooses 2,
  • On a twist: each player chooses 1:
    • Tend wounds of yourself or another. That person regains up to half their max HP.
    • Share a story, secret, or moment with one or more other characters. You both/all gain 1 xp.
    • Consume an appropriate resource (medicine, booze, bandages) and remove an impairment from yourself or another.
    • Rest soundly and take +1d on your next roll.
    • Scavenge. Gain 1d4 rations.
  • On a Failure your camp is not peaceful. Each player chooses 1, but hardship will strike either after or before.


When you rest and reflect you may spend XP equal to your current number of special moves to get a new special move or spend XP to double the sum of your stats to increase a stat by 1.


When you receive a lasting impairment, mark the relevant stat. Until the impairment is resolved, you suffer a -1 dice penalty to all rolls using that stat.


When you take time to rest and recover, you lose 1 Stress and regain 1 HP for each hour you spend doing so.


When you act in the face of potential misfortune, establish what your are trying to achieve and what the potential misfortune are and decide with the GM which stat you’re using, then roll that stat.

On a success: Choose one:

  • Full success with a cost
  • Partial success with no cost

On a twist: Choose one:

  • Partial success with a cost
  • Failure with no extra cost

On a failure:

  • Failure with a cost

(If misfortune is just not succeeding or success is just avoiding misfortune, that's ok.)

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