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Starting Gear

  • Melee weapon
  • Ranged weapon
  • 3 Handfuls of ammo
  • Piece of armor
  • Shield
  • Suit of armor
  • Set of tools or utensils
  • Poison kit (3 uses)
  • Book (3 uses) - When you first use a book, declare what kind of book it is (spell book, map book, encyclopaedia, etc). When you consult a book for information it might reasonably contain, add +1D to a relevant roll.
  • Adventuring pack (3 uses) - When you reach into an adventuring pack for equipment, consume one of its uses and produce a piece of adventuring gear like a grappling hook, lantern, or a ten foot pole as needed.
  • A musical instrument
  • A bundle of healing herbs (3 uses)
  • A pack of trail rations (3 uses)


An item is 1 Weight if you can hold it with one hand. If it requires a full arm to carry, it’s 2 Weight (and if it requires both full arms, it’s 4 Weight). If it can be held inside a closed fist, then it's 0 Weight.

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