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Your role is to describe the world, its contents, and the outcomes of actions. Remember to:

  • Play to find out what happens
  • Honour the dice
  • Barf forth a messy world
  • Draw maps, but leave blanks

GM Moves

When a player rolls a failure, or you need to know what happens next, use one of these GM moves:

Warn Them

  • Show signs of trouble elsewhere
  • Start a clock or tick a clock

Rob Them

  • Steal, damage, or break something or someone

Injure Them

  • Hurt them or a friend
  • Damage or destroy their armor
  • Impair a stat
  • Kill them

Twist The Outcome

  • Offer success at a cost
  • Offer a partial success
  • Give them what they think they want


  • Introduce new problems
  • Make the situation worse
  • Bleed them


Enemies & monsters should follow what makes sense in the fiction. Most foes have between 4 & 16 HP; some kind of armor; and any appropriate special properties, abilities, or moves. Treat packs or swarms of enemies, as one enemy with more HP.

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