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"boat" Moves

Moves from Luke Le Moignan's boat zine (on

Sold to the Sea

Whenever you would be enchanted, supernaturally compelled, or anything would supernaturally assert ownership over you or your fealty to it, roll FATE:

  • On a success: the sea's sheer hungry occult bulk swallow the effect.
  • On a failure: the sea's violence is summoned.
  • On a twist: both.

Saline Unity

Once per session, when in skin contact with salt water, you may choose one:

  • Become aware of (i.e. the player names) the following day's sailing conditions.
  • Give something away to the sea, in an act of prayer, obesiance, or propitiation (and gain 1XP).
  • Name a person with whom you've shared food; if they are at sea, they will witness a seabird of strange omen.
  • summon the sea's violence.

Flotsam, Jetsam

When you spend a day waiting on the shore, the sea will bring you something of value or significance.

Wood Whale

When aboard a ship of naval warfare whose captain is just slain, you inspire its soul to better things. Shrugging off its own masts, tearing open its own hull to make reaching wooden flipper-bones, the ship seeks to become: a skeletal wooden whale, its only desire to joyfully dive.

Wood Mountain

You may slip aboard or overboard any inhabited floating structure of any size, regardless how impenetrable it is meant to be. Roll DEX:

  • On a failure, choose two:
  • * you attract attention
  • * you incur delay
  • * you suffer Minor damage
  • * you lose or damage a belonging
  • On a twist: choose only one.

Wood Burns

The secret name of fire lives in your throat. When you tell it to a flammable substance, it joyfully ignites. Roll CHA:

  • On a failure, suffer Standard damage.
  • On a twist, suffer Minor damage.
  • On a success, choose a direction or nearby flammable thing; that's the way the fire will spread.

The Path Beneath

You drowned. And it was not the end; simply a threshold, stepped across. Choose one:

  • You no longer breathe.
  • You can summon any quantity of seawater by letting a steady stream pour from your mouth.
  • You can curse metal tools, weapons and objects within arms' reach to corrode to brittle, shapeless rusticles within the day.
  • If you immerse your head in the sea, you can hear the presence of all boats within a day's sail.

The Throne Below

You can transform into a creature of the holy depths. Your belongings are spirited away, returning when and if you choose to regain person-shape. At the moment of transfiguration, choose one:

  • a man-sized lobster, with 10 Weight of armoured carapace and Deadly crushing claws, but very slow.
  • a sleek shark, with Serious rending jaws, swift as a riptide.
  • an immobile mass of coral; as coral, your Rest basic move loses Stress and regains HP at twice the usual rate.

Push the Water

The ocean cannot be forced aside; if it ebbs here, it necessarily flows elsewhere. Whenever you mark a stat or are damaged, you become Saltmarked. You may choose to spend the Saltmark:

  • when you would fall unconscious or die, to instead return to 1HP.
  • when you roll an unmarked stat, to add +1 dice to that roll.
  • when you do damage to an opponent, for the damage to count as one tier higher.
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