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Fighter Moves

Warrior's Strike

When you strike a foe with intent to harm, roll STR.

  • On a success: You deal damage. You can also choose to deal another 1d6 damage by letting them deal damage to you.
  • On a twist: You deal damage and choose one:
    • You or an ally end up in a tight spot
    • They deal damage to you

Ranged Attack

When you attack a target at range with a missile weapon, roll DEX.

  • On a success: You deal damage.
  • On a twist: Choose one:
    • You consume a handful of ammo
    • You must move to a more dangerous position
    • Your damage is reduced by 1 level


When you size up a person or situation, roll WIS.

  • On a success: Ask two:
    • Are they telling the truth?
    • What are they really feeling?
    • What do they intend to do?
    • Who or what is really in control here?
    • What is about to happen?
  • On a twist: Ask one.

Martial Training

Choose a weapon type. When you wield a weapon of that type, its damage counts as one tier higher.

Field Medic

When you use medical supplies and spend time tending to wounds, roll WIS.

  • On a success: You restore 1d6 HP.
  • On a twist: You restore 1d6 HP and use up the medical supplies.

Heavy Words

When you threaten or intimidate someone, name your demands and state what will happen if they're not met, then roll CHA.

  • On a success: They will try to meet your demands as best they can.
  • On a twist: They will try to follow your demands as long as the threat is real and present.

Brute Force

When you destroy an inanimate obstacle with sheer strength, roll STR.

  • On a success: Choose two:
    • You don't break anything else
    • You don't make too much noise
    • You don't take a long time
  • On a twist: Choose one.

Loaded for Bear

Weapons you are wielding and armour you are wearing only contribute only half their weight towards encumbrance.


Once per session, gain 1 XP when you slay a worthy foe.

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