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Pathfinder Moves

Moves from Paddy Hutchinson's Trackless supplement

Under Stange Stars

When you push into uncharted territory, roll Wis. On a success, find one of the following:

  • a source of food
  • a secure campsite
  • a valuable treasure
  • a perfect hiding place

On a twist, the GM will tell you what dangerous guardian or obstacle is between you and what you found.


When you attempt to herd a mobile target to a place of your choosing, say how you do it and roll with Wis. On a success, you do so. On a twist, do so and choose 1:

  • You wind up right in their path
  • They carry you with them
  • The path will destroy something precious

Into the Jaws

Before rolling an attack, state the weakness you are targeting and increase your damage one step. If you suffer damage in return, increase it one step.

Unsettling Words

When you attempt to cow or manipulate someone with your experience, say what you want them to do and spin your tale of terror, rolling with Cha. On a success; they will follow your directions as best they can. On a twist they will follow for as long as you appear in control of the situation.


When you would die, lose your heaviest piece of gear, gain the same weight in stress and vanish from the scene. You reappear in a later scene with 1 hp, messily hurt but alive.


Gain 1xp per session when you surmount a seemingly impassable obstacle.

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