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Rogue Moves


When you attack someone who doesn't know you're there, roll DEX.

  • On a success: You deal damage and remain hidden.
  • On a twist: You deal damage and choose one:
    • You or an ally are put in a difficult position
    • You deal less damage


When you investigate or assess your surroundings, roll INT.

  • On a success: Ask a question; the GM will answer. They might first ask “How would you know?“ and modify their answer based on your response.
  • On a twist: Ask a question as above, but the GM's can only answer “Yes”, “No“, or “Unknown”.


When you successfully damage an enemy with a weapon you may expend a vial of poison and choose one:

  • Deal an extra 1d6 damage
  • Your victim falls asleep
  • Your victim becomes dizzy and starts vomiting.


When you hide from mundane scrutiny, roll DEX.

  • On a success: You can move around unseen.
  • On a twist: You remain unseen as long as you stay still.


When you climb or squeeze into a hard-to-reach place, roll DEX.

  • On a success: You reach your goal.
  • On a twist: You reach your goal and choose one:
    • You are injured
    • You attract attention
    • You can't get back the way you came

Trap Expert

When you set up or disarm a trap, roll DEX.

  • On a success: Choose two:
    • You can easily disarm what you set up
    • You can reuse what you've disarmed
    • You aren't injured in the process
    • Nothing is consumed or destroyed
  • On a twist: Choose one.


When you use medical supplies to treat a poisoned, sickened, or diseased creature, roll INT.

  • On a success: You cure the poison.
  • On a twist: You cure the poison and use up the medical supplies.

Honeyed Words

When you convince someone to act by telling them what they want to hear, roll CHA.

  • On a success: They will do it or offer you a lesser version of what you asked.
  • On a twist: They will first demand a concession.


Once per session, gain 1 XP when you loot a valuable treasure.

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