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Wizard Moves

Fury Of The Elements

When you manipulate nearby elements or energies into an attack against your foes, choose the level of damage you wish to inflict and roll WIS.

  • On a success: You inflict that level of elemental damage on your enemies.
  • On a twist: You and/or your allies (as relevant) also suffer the same amount of damage.

Arcane Insight

When you open your mind in search of insight or answers, tell the GM what you’re looking for and roll INT.

  • On a success: You find something useful.
  • On a twist: You find something upsetting, confusing, or dangerous.

Magical Literacy

When you read arcane texts, scrolls, or spellbooks, roll INT.

  • On a success: You summon the magic on the page into being.
  • On a twist: You summon the magic on the page into being, erasing its contents in the process.

Bound Element

Choose a bound element. You can summon and sustain a fistful of that element at will as long as you concentrate.

EG: Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Darkness, Light, Acid, Electricity, Ice, Void, Verdancy, Rot

Beast Form

You can transform into an animal that you have studied extensively, and back again. While in this form, your inventory is a list of that animal's natural features.

Healing Touch

When you lay hands on a creature to magically heal them, roll WIS.

  • On a success: You heal 1d6 damage or some other injury.
  • On a twist: You transfer 1d6 damage or some other injury to yourself.

Grand Words

When you appeal to someone's sense of reason, morality, or duty, say what they should do and roll CHA. On a success: You inspire them to believe in your message and will follow your command. On a twist: They will follow along for now out of guilt, shame, or confusion.

Strange Tongue

You speak an extra language fluently.


Once per session, gain 1 XP when you learn new secrets about the world.

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