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"World is a Fuck" Moves

Moves from Luke Le Moignan's WiaF dungeonpunk hack

Atheist: Antisanctify

You have an amulet of the crudest, weirdest folk-magic in all the world; it embodies noise & nonsense, casting an arcane shadow to hide you from being smote to your constituent fluids by the nearest deity. You may share your protection from scrying — choose one:

  • render one conversation secret.
  • hide one additional person in contact with your skin.
  • hide one object in your possession.

Atheist: Lawbreaker

Any fool can hang for poaching or sedition; but you break The Law of the world. Choose one:

  • defy gravity: fall any distance harmlessly, or vertically rise up to 10m.
  • fail to die from what should be a mortal's lethal weapon blow.
  • be in two places at once, although you only actively perceive or act in one at a time.
  • instantly exchange places with a visible human you can name.

Dedicant: Give Me A Sign

If your course of action is not clear to you, implore your patron for an omen to tell you what to do. The sign is for you to interpret; failure to please them is always yours to atone. Neither do you have any choice but to accept their sign and enact their will immediately.

Dedicant: Officiate

You are religiously ordained: whenever a priest is metaphysically necessary, you count for the purpose. When you sanctify any oath, it is backed by the authority of The Law; its breach is a sin and supernatural crime punishable by god and mortal.

Dedicant: Exegesis

From memory & texts in your possession, you can declare officially accepted information: religious & metaphysical lore, moral parables, history, theology, & the broad politics of gods and nations. (It's not necessarily true, but it's officially accepted.)

Dedicant: Miraculum

Whenever you call upon your patron for miraculous aid, they provide. (Available miracles depend which dedicant patron you serve.)

Prometheist: Malum Miraculum

You can defy the Natural Order to cast a rite of occult mystery and might. (The rites you know depend on the bent of your blasphemous path to power.)

Prometheist: Quid Pro Quo

You know the True Names of things which can be summoned and bargained with for aid or knowledge. Choose one to summon:

  • a trivial spirit.
  • a puissant ghost.
  • a lesser demon.

Prometheist: Fascinate

Your dangerous inquiries into arcane power have physically marked you, and you must bear a signature focal implement. It is obvious what you are. Nearby animals show fear, or are uncannily fearless, of you; you may choose to irresistibly draw human attention — to frighten, mesmerise, command attention, or seduce.

Violencer: Kill A Person

When you strike at a fellow human being with a weapon in your hand, only a weapon of greater damage in their own, or magical intervention, will save their life.

Violencer: Intimidate

When you imply impending violence toward any fellow humans who are not your allies and are not prepared to fight you, pick one:

  • they will drop one demand they have made of you.
  • they will cease impeding you.
  • they simply retreat.

Violencer: Old Soldiers

Wherever there are armies, or army recruiters, or have been within a generation, you know and can find an old soldier you know — or at least one old soldier's widow.

Violencer: One More Knife

Even if they searched you, perhaps even if they stripped you naked, when you wish to be armed, you can produce one more weapon than they knew you had.

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