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The Basics

dungeonpunk is a fiction-telling game about exploring a fantasy world and going on adventures.

To play, tell a story between yourselves, with one player (the game master, or GM) describing the world and what happens within it while the other players each describe a character in that world and their actions within it. As you play, go back and forth in this pattern—the GM describing situations, the players describing their characters’ actions, and the GM describing reactions—and see how the story unfolds.

As you play, pay attention to any moves that are in play (e.g., all basic moves, and any special moves that players choose for their characters). Follow their instructions when relevant.

When a player wants their character to avoid an event or outcome the GM has described, go back to just before it happened and use the Struggle move.

If any content occurs in the story that players can't or don't want to engage with, rewind, erase it, and change direction, or fade to black and fast-forward past it. Respect the needs of everyone at the table and work together to tell a story you can all enjoy.

To get started, work out a basic setting and a first adventure to set out on, make some characters, and start telling a story!

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