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Welcome to the updated dungeonpunk community wiki

dungeonpunk is a simple fantasy tabletop roleplaying game designed to act as a basic chassis on which to construct one's own home game with supplements, homebrew, and house rules. It is Powered By The Apocalypse and Forged In The Dark, though to a very stripped down degree.

You can get dungeonpunk from either for free or pay what you want.

dungeonpunk is offered under a CreativeCommons Zero license (aka Public Domain).

Currently the wiki is being repopulated with information as the compatibility issues with the previous software meant we've had to begin afresh.

The Basics[edit]

How To Play


Rolling Dice


Basic Moves[edit]









Special Moves[edit]

Fighter Moves

Peasant Moves

Rogue Moves

Wizard Moves



A supplement for dungeonpunk that adds content inspired by Craftspeople with special moves for blacksmiths and masons.


Three playbooks of Special Moves, suggesting a nautical setting for play.

Dungeons 'n' Direct Actions[edit]

  • Play advice for avoiding oppressive tropes in any dungeon fantasy gaming
  • Six villainous ideologies
  • Sample monster stat blocks

The Eerie[edit]

Special Moves for those wielding the powers of dark deals with otherworldly beings.


Special Moves for holy servants of the gods.


Special Moves for those who can see the end of the world approaching.

I'll Carry You To Battle[edit]

Special Moves for those who are weapons and shields to their allies in battle.

Mortal Wounds[edit]

A supplement for replacing hitpoints with a wounds system.

The Speaker[edit]

Special Moves for connecting to the spirits of the natural world

Splintering Wheel[edit]

full text in browser pdf

  • Setting Pantheon
  • Look options
  • Special Moves
  • Basic Moves for
    • Downtime in town
    • Searching for rumours of adventure
    • Undertaking perilous journeys
    • Making camp in the wilderness
    • Returning to town at the end of adventure


  • Basic Move for journeying through hostile terrain
  • Special Moves for pathfinders who are hardened by hostile lands

The Weaver[edit]

Special moves focused on artistic talent, quick wit, and social skills. Perform for enthusiastic crowds and impress the impressionable. Make friends, make enemies, and generally make a scene.


World Is A Fuck[edit]