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World is a Fuck: Dedicant Patrons

Gods you can worship, and the Miracula they grant their followers

The High Holy

The faith of the High Holy says that other gods there might be, but there is only one you should worship. Glory, reverence, hierarchy; austerity (for thee) and tithes (for the church). This is a faith of cathedral-builders, hymn-singers, and heretic-burners. Its dedicants are rewarded with power to heal the flock — and smite everyone else. They are paladins and missionaries.

Knit Wounds

When you lay on hands and invoke the High Holy aloud, the recipient heals 2 damage; if they also affirm their faith aloud, they instead heal 4 damage.


When you point out a sinner or heretic and exhort the High Holy aloud, the victim bursts into white, holy fire, suffering 2d6 damage.

Manna of Magnanimance

When you share food with the hungry, regardless of the quantity you began with, one meal's worth will result for every person who ritually accepts it as fealty and submission to the High Holy.

Wage of Recalcitrance

When you name a settlement or neighbourhood you stand within as defying the High Holy, it is struck overnight with a plague, infestation, or natural disaster.

The Perverse Ultimate

Dark mirror and deadly opponent to the High Holy; the Perverse Ultimate says your worship should be turned to defying the High Holy. Gluttony, irreverence, chaos; greed (for thee) and damn everyone else to ruin. And should anyone say that this is not so much a religion in itself as a boogeyman and propaganda tool for the faith of the High Holy: see Immolate.

Gouge Wounds

When you lay on hands and invoke the Perverse Ultimate aloud, inflict 2 damage; if the victim follows the High Holy, inflict 4 damage instead.


When you point at a victim and invoke the Perverse Ultimate aloud, they burst into blood-red unholy flame, suffering 2d6 damage.

The Throne Below

The Throne Below is the worship of the sea as the birthplace of life; of crushing depth and utter darkness; of angels with boneless suckered limbs and ship-shattering beaks. Worship to propitiate the drowning mass that has our every refuge surrounded.

Water of Life

Indicate an enclosed container — from a thimble to a dry lake — and it fills rapidly with water. (You may choose fresh or brackish; if you do not, it is always saltwater.)

Body of Angels

Be permanently blessed with holy flesh. Choose:

  • Chitin — +1 innate armour
  • Limb — grow an additional arm-and-a-half length tentacle
  • Gills — breathe in fresh & salt water


Everything comes from water. And one day, it will take everything back. Mark your target with wetness — water, spit, piss, blood — and call the water for it NOW.

All the Seas, One

Whip sufficient water — 6 inches deep by 3 feet across, or more — into a whirlpool; any throwing themselves in will wash up from the nearest sufficient body of water to your chosen destination.

The Great Wheel

The doctrine of the Great Wheel teaches us that in seeking to improve our material conditions, we have fallen into a sinful, self-defeating fallacy; that true freedom from what we have chosen to see as oppression comes instead via dissociation, for which we are rewarded with spiritual promotion when our life is posthumously judged.


You, or a recipient of your choice, are filled with blissful non-thought, a sense of total harmony with all the world, and a total ignorance of all your body's pain & physical suffering.

Vision of Judgement

You, or a recipient of your choice, are granted a vision of the Great Wheel's moral judgement of your current life — a possible future life based on your deeds right now.

Spirit Abjuration

Allow no intrusion on the Great Wheel's plan by unruly spirits or hungry ghosts; mark a perimeter and dedicate all inside to the gods to bar it off-limits to evil.

One With Everything

Meditate deeply to ask the Wheel one question about hidden, magical, or spiritual matters.

The GM gives the Wheel's answer.

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